Investment opportunities in Denizli
Denizli, which was established between the years of 261 – 245 B.C. and which hosted many civilizations, trade and health centres by its favourable geographical location and climate, fertile farmlands, natural resources, historical and cultural values, is one of the cities reflecting its historical background perfectly.
Denizli has a great potential in agriculture with fertile farmlands, in industry with a long – established textile sector and in tourism with ancient cities, therapeutic water and nature. The city provides qualified labour force by high literacy rate, university and technopark. Today, distinguished by its innovative and entrepreneur character, Denizli continues economic activities in such a wide range from textile to copper cable industry, geothermal greenhouses to thermal tourism, from machinery to extracting mining sources.
Thanks to its versatile structure, strong human resources, rich biological diversity, historical and cultural properties, Denizli sustains a right and reliable investment climate and is waiting for you.

Denizli at a glance

Denizli ranks eighth in the list of top exporting cities of Turkey according to February 2013 foreign trade data.
The main exporting sectors are ‘textile and garment’, ‘electric – electronic’, ‘ferrous – nonferrous metals’, ‘iron and steel products’ and ‘mining’.
According to 2012 foreign trade data, textile and garment export of Denizli constitutes approximately 45% of total export of the city.
65% of textile products such as towel and bathrobe exported from Turkey are produced in Denizli.
The most significant part of magnesium reserves of Turkey is in Denizli, and approximately 4 million tons of magnesium reserve (Turkey’s total magnesium reserve is 4,5 million tons) is in Kale and Tavas, which are districts of Denizli.
Turkey possesses a significant part of travertine reserves in the world and Denizli meets 40% of Turkey’s total supply in travertine.
Denizli, which ranks second in terms of proved marble reserves, is the third city in Turkey in terms of total marble reserves.
96 types of agricultural products, those grow in the fertile lands of Denizli with its suitable climate, are exported to 62 countries all over the world.
Approximately 70% of world’s thyme production is met by Turkey. 85% of Turkey’s thyme production is realised by Denizli.
A traditional taste of Turkey, roasted chickpea, 80% of which is produced in Denizli, registered as ‘Denizli Roasted Chickpea’.
Approximately 15% of confection sunflower seed is produced in Denizli.
Although there is not any sea coast in Denizli, there is an increasing trend for aquaculture and its export, so that, Denizli is becoming a leading city regarding aquaculture. With its cold and clear water, Çameli district has an advantageous position for aquaculture investments.
There are 6 organised industrial zones in Denizli as being one of the leading industrial cities in Turkey.

Top 10 reasons to invest in Denizli

  1. Qualified industrial production
  2. Qualified labour force
  3. High level development (Denizli is the 10th in terms of socio – economic development among 81 cities in Turkey)
  4. Unique geographical location
  5. Advanced logistic opportunities
  6. Organised industrial zones
  7. High export capacity
  8. High financial capacity
  9. Rich underground resources and high energy potential
  10. Major investments’ existence